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A few words about our records and pricing. All of our inventory with exception to new and  / or unopened records are cleaned ultrasonically and graded before pricing. There are several good articles on the Internet that explain in detail the processes used to price used vinyl records. The amount of time invested in preparing our inventory for sale far surpasses those employed buy others in the business. For this reason you will see what looks to be the same title at different prices. We are also very accommodating with regard to returns if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Thank you for your support of our business!

New Products

We are now carrying a select offering of Sennheiser products for the Audiophile that desires great sound in a mobile environment. Along with bluetooth, and traditional  products for use in the home  by anyone that appreciates great sound. Stop by the store and give them a try.

Saturday Morning Seminars

In the future we will be hosting various programs on Saturdays  in the listening room for our customers. Below are a few topics that will be scheduled in the near future. We are making sure our customers are well informed and able to ask questions related to audio systems. Check back to see the scheduled dates.

Speaker Placement

Basic System Hookup

Digital & Analog Can Play Well

Phono Cartridge Upgrade & Installation

Oak Record Storage Racks


We all love bringing new and products that really work to our customers. The spin clean record cleaning system is an example of a great product that everyone interested in vinyl records can afford, and it works. We love our Autodesk cleaning system, but also realize that not all of our customers have a need or the ability to invest 4k into a cleaning system.

We also have some very nice handmade oak record racks. They are made locally by our staff members, and offer a great looking and very sturdy way to store your vinyl. They are stackable so as your collection grows you have a consistent expandable storage system.