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 Recycled Records LP is now carrying a variety of turntables and audio equipment. We can help you put a great sounding system together. See the headings below to get an idea about the product lines we can offer to our customers. We carry a wide range of products from Music Hall, Epos, Creek Audio, Oracle, Ortofon, JSG Acoustics, Yamaha, Crosley, Audioengine, Spin Clean, ProJect, Sennheiser and others. We know that many times the desire to upgrade to a new or more advance product can occur after you have had that new pair of speakers, or turntable, amplifier etc.. We want you to know that we will gladly consider trade ins should you decide to upgrade. The more you have of the OEM packing, instructions and the overall condition of the equipment will effect the trade in credit you receive.    WE WILL SET UP YOUR TURNTABLE IN HOUSE. JUST GO HOME AND PLAY. 

Turntables & Cartridges


Oracle Delphi & Paris

Music Hall USB-1

MMF 2.2 Ferrari Red

MMF 2.2 Black or White

MMF 5.1White or Black



Debut Carbon DC

Audio Technica

CD Players:

Music Hall  CDAC15.3


Music Hall A15.3

Music Hall A70.3

Cambridge AM10


Cambridge Audio SR20


Epos  K2

JSG Acoustics Jacob, Jackson

Accessories :

Spin Clean Record Cleaning Systems

Vinyl Styl Record Cleaning System

Carbon Fiber Record Cleaner Brushes

Outer & Inner Sleeves

Phono Pre-amplifiers

Turntable  Mats

Oak Record Storage Racks

Sennheiser, Select Headphones & In Ear


Most of us don't know that a replacement stylus is up to 70 percent of a cartridge's cost. Also if you order that replacement online  make sure it is the OEM stylus!

We are an Ortofon dealer and stock several of their moving magnet products.  We also have a few Audio Technica cartridges on hand to offer yet another cost effective alternative.

Ortofon Super OM 10

Ortofon 2M Red

Ortofon 2M Blue